Argeo Villa: i professionisti del trasloco aziendale

Argeo Villa Service

Archives and documents management

We have large warehouses equipped for every need of storage. They are video-monitored and complying with the laws concerning fire load. A specific staff is available for the digital cataloging and reorganization of all paper supports and for the supply of all the most advanced digital and information technologies:

  • optical acquisition for archive documentation, with the possibility of scanning documents in digital format;
  • web delivery service;
  • conversion of microfilms into electronic images;
  • back office services with management and control of the processes generated by the production of paper and/or electronic documents, such as, for instance, data acquisition services through data entries, teleprocessing services and specific data control services of the documents produced by customers;
  • the outsourcing of post office and press service, correspondence, management of the activities of post office;
  • mail management of incoming and outgoing correspondence flows, with the guarantee of appropriate controls on the effectiveness and efficiency of all the processes;
  • management of undelivered mail.