Argeo Villa: i traslochi di qualità dal 1894

Quality and Guarantees are the keywords to handle a perfect move

Our staff

For Argeo Villa Co. staff as human capital is just the greatest asset; that is why we have always hired specialized operators to form permanent teams since the beginning: working together every day generates such a synergy that it allows the performance of all tasks in extreme synchronicity and harmony.

Substantial investments have been made in staff training, for the proper performance of all company activities and for the appropriate professional growth of each individual operator. All workers must be responsible and aware of the fact that the handling of fragile and particularly delicate loads must be carried out with extreme care as well as heavy loads can cause serious damage to themselves and to third parties. All our equipment operators, like those in charge of external lifts, must follow a specialization course at manufacturers’ headquarters, before being allowed to use them.

Executive Entrustment Agreement

All contracts signed with Argeo Villa Co. are transparent. Our customers will always be aware of any single phase, and will be able to have a concrete guarantee on every eventuality:

  • our prices are fixed and invariable
  • timing and operations scheduling are both very well specified in detail

Guarantees and policies

Argeo Villa Co. avails itself of policies stipulated only with leading insurance companies. In these policies there can also be included (and/or can be activated) several options, which allow a coverage even in special and uncommon cases, such as a coverage cap for ‘moved goods’. An international insurance policy is available too, by means of a written and accurate ‘valued’ list (packing list). It allows to indicate the value of every object and allows to be compensated precisely, according to the agreed values.


Argeo Villa Co. pays a very careful attention to the quality of packaging materials. Every object is packed with specially selected materials; such materials have changed over time on the basis of the experience gained about them, up to the excellence of today’s products.

The protection of particularly delicate objects and furnishings is guaranteed by the use of custom-made wooden boxes. Many materials are produced exclusively for Argeo Villa Co. We sell packaging material also, and such sale is ‘free home delivery’: it means that these materials are sold at factory price, including a free home delivery service.

Quality and safety at work

Argeo Villa Co. has always tended towards the improvement of its company’s organizational structure, towards the control and the efficiency of its equipment, and towards the development of all innovative technologies; through this constant growth over time, it has developped a true integrated quality and safety management system, which is submitted to Customers within all the services offered by us.

Argeo Villa Co, thanks to its seriousness and efficiency, is well known and respected by the italian Embassies and Consulates all over the world and has constructive relationships with the best-known agents worldwide.