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Domestic Removals

Argeo Villa Co. takes advantage of its experience and its commitment, in order to offer a service able to guarantee its Customers the top of comfort and satisfaction, and to transform a potentially stressful situation like managing a move into a positive and serene experience, on the best price-quality ratio basis.


Argeo Villa Co. proposes a free on-site inspection without any obligation, with the purpose to evaluate the entity of the furniture to move, to estimate the amount of the necessary packaging material, the routes, the possibility of positioning elevating platforms, and any other peculiarity, since every move has its specific characteristics. Our service provides the supply of all the needed packaging material, the dismantling of all furniture (cabinets, bookcases, kitchens, equipped walls) and the careful packaging of household goods and of personal effects.


Argeo Villa Co. takes care to apply for the parking permits of vehicles and for the necessary operations, as well as to place all the relative road signs, and to supply trucks and ladders, useful to reach the highest levels.
The transport is carried out using our fleet of vehicles, and we select them according to the kind and the features of each move. At the time of delivery, our work teams will take care to unpack and reassemble all the furniture previously disassembled, reposition all the items, and remove all the equipment and all the packaging materials used.

Argeo Villa is also specialized in moving pianos.

Our formula “house removal” in a few steps:

  • supply of the necessary packing materials;
  • careful packing of household goods and personal effects;
  • disassembly of all the pieces of furniture (cabinets, bookcases, kitchens, equipped walls)
  • wrapping of all the furnishings, or, on request, only wrapping of the surfaces at greater risk of damage;
  • apply for the parking permits of vehicles and authorization for all necessary operation, when necessary, of .lifting platforms;
  • positioning of the necessary road signs;
  • supply and use of trucks and ladders to reach the highest levels;
  • unpacking and reassembling of all the pieces of furniture previously disassembled
  • placement and repositioning of all the items
  • removal of all the equipment used and disposal of all the packaging materials


Our tips for a perfect home move


Fix an appointment and request a visit from one of our representatives; with him you will have a very useful chat aimed at understanding your needs, and then formulate various hypotheses for an estimate

  • Estimate for the packing concerning the contents of all furniture
  • Estimate for disassembly
  • Estimate for move
  • Estimate for assembly
  • Estimate for landfill disposal
  • Estimate for emptying boxes and putting the items back inside the furniture
  • Estimate for furniture modification and adaption
  • Estimate for tow truck rental and/or stair car rental
  • Estimate for flat-rate transfer


First of all, select the items you will not bring to the new location.
That will allow us to understand whether you have to proceed independently with the packaging operations, or whether you need the help of our staff assigned to that purpose.

PAY ATTENTION: packaging operations can be a source of great discomfort, as the contents of the furniture, once boxed, will double the volume of the furniture. Request packaging materials if you want to do it yourselves. Draw up the contract and choose the operations that will be performed by our Company. During the packaging operations, write and label the contents of the boxes and the room where they must be placed outside each box. Choose where the furniture has to be positioned and check the measurements. If the move takes place within condominium spaces, communicate the date of the move to your condominium administrator.


Certainly there will remain some last things to be packed. Prepare a ‘survival kit’: it will be useful at the end of the moving operations, resume your most urgent activities as soon as possible. Reach an agreement with the plumber and/or the electrician and make all the necessary arrangements, so that all the connections in the new premises are completed.
Clean and tidy up the new location.


Your presence is necessary during all operations, in order to collaborate with our team leader.
At the end of the load, check with the foreman that all the items were taken, to be transported to the right place. When you reach the new location, give directions about the positioning of the furniture. Once the furniture is unloaded and assembled, check with the foreman that all the operations were carried out and executed correctly. Draw up the end-of-work report with the team leader, and submit all your observations and protests, if any.


After the move you might be contacted by our Customer Care office: they might ask you if are available to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire. In this way you will let us know your judgments and suggestions, as for us they are the most precious help to our continuous improvement process for service quality.