Argeo Villa: i professionisti del trasloco internazionale

International move - Experience is a guarantee of quality

As regards international moves, Argeo Villa Co. has a strong specialization and a great expertise: our import/export area handles movements of all sizes. Our vehicles, equipment and our several agents from all over the world meet the needs of any worldwide service.

Argeo Villa Co. has always offered the following services:

  • Free inspections and consultancy without any obligation
  • Dedicated moving services by land, sea, and air
  • Groupage services, Intermodals by land, by sea and by air
  • Warehousing and Equipment Storage service all over the world
  • Assistance in import/export formalities

Moves by road do not require any peculiar documentation in the area of the CEE countries. If the origin or the destination of the shipment is an extra-CEE country, Argeo Villa Co. is able to manage all the necessary import/export customs formalities.

In the CEE countries our Company offers two kinds of transport:

  • direct transport: it allows you to set the delivery date, according to your needs, and has the advantage of being followed by the same team, both at departure and at destination
  • move in combination, suggested for small quantities: it is aimed at containing operation costs, without jeopardizing quality in any way; deliveries are carried out according to agreed schedules.

Moves by sea are organized in two different ways:

  • containers/FCL: household goods are loaded in 20’, 40’ or 40’ high cube containers (depending on the volumes shipped)
  • groupage service/LCL: for small shipments Argeo Villa Co. supplies wooden liftvans, according to FAO ISPM 15, loaded on cargo ships.

When moving by air household goods are placed inside special cases or on air-pallets, and are stowed on the plane in compliance with the instructions provided by air companies.

Argeo Villa Co. collaborates with the main maritime and airport companies and has a network of selected agents all over the world. They guarantee a capillary coverage throughout the territory and maintain a very high quality of service.

Every move can be fully or partially insured through specific insurance policies, that allow to
guarantee maximum security for our Customers.