Chiama Argeo Villa per organizzare il trasloco della tua azienda

Company move - Short times to reduce disruptions

Argeo Villa Co. guarantees its customers the greatest efficiency and always pledges support for the operability of its activities, in compliance with all the procedures and necessities of its customers. Such wide operating range is guaranteed by the long experience of our staff, always managed through national collective labor contracts and through specific contributory and insurance positions. All that guarantees our customers not to meet with any problems concerning client’s civil and penal responsibility and with the use of personnel potentially not in compliance with all current legislative regulations.

To companies and industries also, Argeo Villa Co. offers a free inspection at their headquarters, without any obligation, with the purpose to assess the extent of the assets, equipment, and archives to move, and therefore the timing based on the volumes, to estimate the amount of the necessary packaging material, the routes, the vehicles, the possibility of positioning elevating platforms, any particular equipment, and any other particularities and needs.

Argeo Villa: trasloco ufficio professionale

The transport is carried out using our own fleet of vehicles, selected according to the kind and the needs of each single activity performed. In principle our service foresees some phases that characterize the individual activities of a company move:

  • supply of personnel: they will be regularly framed and equipped with all the individual prevention devices, will be provided with an identification pass and uniformed clothing, including a team leader, who is the unique contact person in close connection with the Customer’s representative;
  • supply of all the necessary consumables and labels for the identification of each item and for the following replacement in the place of destination;
  • supply of trucks and appropriate work vehicles (suitable for capacity) and related authorizations (external lifting platforms, crane trucks, hydraulic lifts, controlled temperature vehicles for the transport of all sensitive materials and equipment etc.);
  • supply of manual and mechanical equipment (hydro-wheels, transpallets etc.)
  • supply of all the necessary materials for packing and consumption, to the extent necessary to guarantee the full protection of all assets, double and triple wave white cardboard
  • containers produced exclusively for Argeo Villa Co., PVC adhesive tape (also produced exclusively), polypropylene spools, camo paper, stretch film, and anything else needed;
  • support to Customer’s employees to pack their company material: both frequently and infrequently used material, paper and hardcopy archive, in chronological and consequential order with indication on single containers;
  • supply of protective wrapping, in triple-layer polypropylene or laminated polypropylene paper, of all electrical equipment such as electrical, electronic and computer equipment, photocopiers, cutters, PCs, printers, monitors, telephone systems, network equipment, fax machines, thermal cameras, racks and their contents, videos, tv screens etc.;
  • supply of mechanical-hydraulic movement to all equipment such as lathes, column drills, bending machines, cutters, workbenches, general machine tools, safes, armored cabinets, and so on.
  • packing of paintings, prints, undocking bulletin boards and their protection;
  • disassembly of shelving structures with the wall disengaged;
  • disassembly of furniture and other accessories and packing with protective wrapping in triple-layer polypropylene or laminated paper;
  • delimitation of the site area where lift platforms or lorries have to operate;
  • loading and stowing on appropriate trucks for transport to the new location/locations
  • download of all goods with ordered subdivision by environment (by means of indications on external labels);
  • unpacking and reassembly of all the furnishings, accessories and supplies, ordered according to a technical lay-out prepared by us or by the Customer;
  • unpacking of all electrical and electronic equipment and repositioning on the work station, as well as repositioning of photocopiers, telephone systems, or equipment in general;
  • unpacking of paintings, prints and bulletin boards;
  • reassembly by means of wall security anchorage of shelving structures;
  • supply of support relative to the unpacking of all paper and archive material, both frequently and infrequently used material, paper and hardcopy archive, packed in chronological and consequential order, and to their placement into the cabinets and shelving structures;
  • placement of all workshop machineries and laboratory equipment (lathes, column drills, benders, workbenches, safes, armored cabinets, etc.);
  • delivery of all the dedicated trucks containing electrical, electronic and computer equipment, and placement on-site (photocopers, cutters, PCs, printers, monitors, fax machines, thermal chambers, racks and their contents);
  • general check of the work carried out, with the Customer representative, in order to verify if the services provided are adequate; withdrawal of all materials and equipment used in the premises.
Con Argeo Villa puoi organizzare il trasloco del tuo ufficio