Argeo Villa: i traslochi di qualità a Genova dal 1894

Our story - When a move was an art ARGEO VILLA Co. was established in 1894.

After several years of such activity, when we had worked thanks to the tools and the equipment of that time, we began to cultivate and encourage the ambition to transform our work into a big local company. At the very beginning our mission consisted just of the activity of moving, but almost immediately after we felt the need to expand our field of action.

In that period the activity of moving was seasonal and took place only in a certain periods of the year, however it could be combined with other activities connected with the transfer of wares or goods.

A short time after we were looking for spaces assigned to store goods of all kinds, in order to safeguard them on behalf of private companies or of the State; from these new activities many more services were born, such as storage, warehousing, and related national and international shipments.

At that time our Company was employing full-time workers who were relocated according to our different needs and to seasonality.

During the post-war period in Italy the reconstruction process took place and an intense activity began; after the 60s the real technological evolution begins also as movement and handling of goods. Over this period, employing specialized personnel who work toghether on a daily basis, was an important goal. In some way, Argeo Villa Co. ‘anticipated’ the Worker’s Union Protection, when the first stable contract for a work team was signed. Our teams gradually became more and more numerous and within a few years our Company specialized in international transports too.

When the activity of moving stands for quality and warranty

Today our ultimate goal is to be able to continue offering a high quality on all our services, in order to satisfy the needs both of the private sector and/or of those companies, that want to deal with a single interlocutor, really up to satisfy every and any request.

Undoubtedly our keyword is ‘quality’:

  • in regard to the education of the personnel entering our clients’ homes;
  • in regard to the the furnishing handling;
  • in regard to packaging materials and to manpower for the protection of the goods;
  • in regard to the insurance that can seriously protect every single object;
  • in providing a guarantee on the service rendered;
  • in regard to the quality for the respect of the environment, in the production and in the differentiated disposal of the consumer products.

For Argeo Villa Co. the assignment of a move does not mean only taking over the management of mere material goods, but actually of the sentimental value too; and just because we are deeply aware of all that, we intend to protect all the phases of a move, through a continuous search for quality.